Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanani's 1st time swimming

Last weekend, we went to Equatorial hotel @ Bangi bcoz of my Sis wif her 3 tiny cutey doter went bored n suddenly called me n ask me to join them...Her husband went for a workshop at another place n abandon them here...huhuhu...So, our 1st day we plan to play near a swimming pool but then the rain came like 'renyai2'..Mission aborted..however then my sis asked for dinner and then my mind just pop up rite away sending a sensor to my mouth n said lets go to Red Wok Bangi..heheh (luv dats restaurant so much coz of the deliciously chinese muslim cousine there)...okay, finish my 'iklan' for this n3...:p

The thing is, I wanna shared my doter experience on her 1st time swimming in a pool...This in on 2nd day @ the n my hubby just 'redah' the swimming pool...Hanani 1st half n hour was so energetic n she really enjoy wif her new 'pelampung'..then, she already tired n want to come out from the pool...huhuh...Now I know that she is sooo brave n not scared when swimming in the after this, 3 of us can go to vacation n bring our swim suit...yeayyy...hipppp hippp horeahhh!!!! For my doter...ur so brave my baby gurl...huhuh

Hanani try to 'boo booo' his Papa wif her lips...

This pelampung is too big in her I guess...heheh...nanti mama cari yg lain yer...

My sis wif her beloved doters yg sgt active...huhu

Not to mention baby Ilham yg bam bam br 3mo...cepatla besar bb nanti boley fren dgn Hanani...yeayy...

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