Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Im a Gleek! There, I said it..

Anyway, every Wednesday night, I've watched Glee on Astro at Star Movie channel and to be honest, I was sucked in and possessed by this show. I really loved this show from the very start. I applaud the directors and scriptwriters for the show. So far, they have done a very good job. They have growths teens and adults character to work together and communicate as well in a group or any other. Hence, they also bridge the gaps relations and other issues are point out as gay issues, the rights of persons with disabilities, racism, mental and physical health problems, alcoholism, sexism, bullying and many more. Important moral values has been given to the audience every week. Plus, its also hilarious with Sue Sylvester and Rachel that always make me laughed. Not to mentioned the music and it was the root of this show.And that leads me to what I may love more than anything else, the talent. The singing and dancing and stars that Glee has produced this season have blown my mind.

Well, I understand that it might not be cool to love Glee as my teen age fades away.:P But, who cares..I don't really care about it. Sometimes, I always doing uncool stuff my whole life. Why stop now?..huhuh..Go Gleek!


Anonymous said...

gleek? geek? gleek? geek? :P

Siti fairuz Yusof said...

cibukkk jer...:p


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