Sunday, August 8, 2010

Convo 2010

Congratulations to all graduates who have succeeded with flying colors .. Indeed, I never forget my friends who finally succeeded..U guys worked hard to graduate and now its time to feel proud of urself ..toss ur cap in the air n celebrated!! yippieee!.. Congratulation to Kak Nor, Kak Zu, Kak Aziƫ, Kak Shaha, Kak Zen and Seng ... You all deserve it ..em so xcited to congratulate them lively..I went to the site where we can buy gifts n flowers n u'll see all the pweettyyyy..pweetyyyy flowers, bears, n beautiful deco to impress people to buy it...So colorful, I went from one booth to another booth n try to snap all the beautiful deco..Gooshhh...(can't wait to finish my PhD n ask my dear to buy it all just for me...:P) So tamak...
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Of course, after finished wif a convo ceremony, when all the graduates n guests rushing out from the hall, MasyaAllah ... Its really hard to search them..(now I knew how my frens n family felt about waiting n searching)huhuhu..Its like finding a needle in the hay..Luckily the 1st person I met is Kak Zu wif her family (tahniah Kak Zu..sygggg kamu), then accompanied by Kak Izan n Ila, we're still looking for Kak Zen..while Kak Nor waiting patiently at the 'Gong'...Well..3/5 gifts already given sincerely..I guess some other times we will meet again n u guys can claim it from me..InsyaAllah..huhuhu
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P/S Like my dear said."Its the thought that matters" yep I agree...

Every year @ UKM convo, I never miss the convo festival..Me n my dear went to the festival during nite (coz I like to watch glittering n colorful lights)..many events were held during this festive but I just watch a concert at a glance and continue my street walking wif my dear...Suddenly, remembering my niece convo @ UM..( reason to buy somethin')..And finally we met Mr.Paul n Mrs.Paulina the octopus..:P..So choose the pink color..
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P/S koko sempat sniff sniff mrs.paulina..Congratulation to my niece Sairul Sarihah on graduating, ur hard work has blossomed today...:D


ayu aziz said...

akk~!! sy convo agik 2 tahon..
jgn lpe bli ntok shaye shume2 tuh... ;p

Anonymous said...

seronoknya dia pi tpt konvo dpt nengok benda2 cute en jupe member2 yg grad... =)
nwy, congrats to all yg br convo.. =)

Siti fairuz Yusof said...

ayu: iyer la adikku...keep in touch tau..cheers..:D

my dear: bestt wooo...x sbr nk abis cecepat..weeee

Nor said...

thnks dear coz sabar menunggu td..i luv u...muah2..i like sume pic2 tu...;)

Yazid Husain said...



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